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How did IELTS start cont..

Hi friends,

I am back with the solution that authorities thought would be effective.

So, in 1995, three main changes that revolutionized IELTS were as follows.

  • Previous choice of the three field- specific Reading and Writing module was replaced by ONE Academic Reading Module and ONE Academic Writing Module.

  • Confusion between the assessment of reading and writing ability was removed by taking out the thematic link.

  • The modules were separated as General Module and Academic Module. Both the modules have same timing, length of response, reporting of score.

This was not all till now revisions are taking place. The speaking module was revised in 2001 and in 2005 new assessment criteria for writing module was launched.

Did you see IELTS; which for many is a hard nut to crack had given tough time to the authorities that introduced it. Now, as such, we know a lot about the history of IELTS, we can go ahead understanding each module one by one and understanding why each module has been designed in a special way…. .

The IELTS test has been designed to assess the ability of a person ranging from non-used to expert user. The Academic version is designed for those who want to study at tertian level in an English-speaking country or for those who seek professional registration where as the General Version comprises of that category of people who want to work, train, study at secondary school or migrate to an English-speaking country.

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