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What are the 4 sections of IELTS and What do they check?

There are 4 sections or modules in IELTS: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking tests, but Reading and Writing tests vary depending on whether a candidate is taking the Academic IELTS test or the General Training IELTS test.

The Academic Reading test examines the candidates' ability to read and extract specific information from the reading materials. The reading passages are generally of academic interests and are designed to test how well the candidates would be able to conduct their academic reading where skimming and finding information, understanding themes of reading are necessary.

The General Reading module tests candidates' ability to find specific instructions or information from reading materials which are generally found in everyday life.

The Academic Writing tests candidates' ability to write a summary of a given illustration and the ability to write an essay on a given issue. The presentation, writing pattern, logic, coherence and relevancy etc. are tested in writing task two (essay writing).

The General Writing examines the test takers skill on writing letters, applications as well as essay writing ability.

The Listening part test examines ability to understand the language and then recall the information heard.

The Speaking part tests the candidates' ability to introduce themselves, talk about known issues, giving details of their background, discussing in details about general, social and international issues of common interest, the vocabulary, fluency and overall speaking skill.

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