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Students score average of 6 Bands in IELTS, why?

IELTS exams are most popular around the world and as a matter of fact, thousands of Students each year take this test in order to get into renowned universities or apply for jobs and residency status to immigrate abroad. As per the data collected general test takers by IELTS, 45% of Students who took the General IELTS test scores between in 5.5 to 6 Bands (Source - . Have you ever wondered why? What is the reason that many of us know but did not dig into it deeper to understand the problems? There are numerous institutes all over country for IELTS training but still the average is same. After studying many data and analysis here we will discuss some of the common causes found:


  • Pronunciation: Due to the cultural languages and many different kinds of accent that they use on daily basis students are unable to adapt to proper English Pronunciation and that is when they start pronouncing words improperly.

  • Use of jargon: We generally use these English Shortcuts and jargons like Dunno (Don’t know), Lemme (Let me), Gimme (Give Me), Kinda (Kind Of), in our day to day conversations and it is generally been observed that students even use these slang even while their speaking evaluation.

  • Trying to Fake accent: Many of the students generally face clarity issues as they try to speak in a fake accent; this comes from lots of movies and apps that have dubbing technology. They thinking that they may look cool to impress others and therefore it becomes quite difficult for the examiner to make out what they are actually trying to say!

  • Low Confidence: Due to fluency issues, students are low in confidence on the day of their evaluation and as a result, their confidence ruins their entire performance in the Speaking Module.


  • Practice and dedication: There is a lack of patience and dedications in many students as they are less focused and easily divert mind with distractions. Slow reading speed can highly affect the performance in the Reading Module. And this can only be improved with lots and lots of practice.

  • Time Management: No matter which exam you are taking, time management is important. So, it is important that you know how to complete your test in the specified time period and this can again be achieved with loads and loads of practice before the actual examination.


  • Creative thinking: Certain education system lack structural teaching and many of them just follow the rule or memorize the study and this can highly affect the thinking capacity of individuals for writing strategy. Many students fail to have creative thinking of writing content and therefore have writing issues with irrelevancy on topic mentioned in exams.

  • Adjectives: It has been observed that students use too many adjectives in order to give more meaning to their words but sometimes what happens is that due to inadequate knowledge of certain adjectives and their usage student’s end up depicting something else and as a result, they lose marks and score low in IELTS Writing Module.

  • Exceeding Word Limit: For all those who think that exceeding word limit would help them obtain a good Band Score are definitely on the wrong track because adhering to word limits is important. Make sure that you are able to express everything within the specified limit.


  • Lack of Focus: As an aspiring IELTS candidate you must know that the Listening Audio Clip is not repeated again. So, it is important to pay attention while the clip is being played as even a few second delays could result in a low band score.

  • Lack of Practice: Generally, issues like lack of concentration, unable to understand the accent in the audio clip, generally occur due to lack of practice. So, it is important that you make sure you prepare well for the examination.

So, now that you know all the factors that are responsible for a low average band score. You should not take the IELTS Exam for granted and prepare well for it! And for more assistance and free demo classes, you may visit us:

Admire Education Inc.

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